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Il Linguaggio Umano

Aspetti Evolutivi, fisiologici e patologici Il linguaggio umano ha alla base tre peculiari processi evolutivi. Primo: tutte le innovazioni devono manifestarsi nell’ambito di specie precedenti. Secondo: molte novità nascono in un contesto prima di essere cooptate in un contesto differente. Per esempio, specie di ominidi arboricoli avrebbero avuto caratteristiche vocali quasi moderne già centinaia di migliaia di anni prima di quando abbiano potuto impiegare un...

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Voice Spectrographic Analysis in depressed and schizophrenic patients

Introduction Prosody is a characteristic part of speech that includes intonation, tone destribution and rhythm. It carries the emotional aspect of the speech in non verbal way: among other things, it plays a fundamental role in the early months of life for language acquisition and, afterwards, it supports the memorization from the listener. Several studies, carried out before on cerebral damaged patients for cerebro-vascular incidents...

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Theoretical Aims on Music for Prosody in Speech Therapy Setting

An Evolutionary Perspective This lecture is focused on an important skill. We will try to understand the reason why studying music can be relevant during a speech therapy setting. Actually, many researchers want do discover why music is present in all human cultures of the world. We think music is directly connected with language, especially with spoken language. According to a phylogenetic investigation we believe...

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